Reclaim Your Juiciness with Ayurveda

I want to feel Juicy again

Does this statement ring any bells for you? The juicy factor is a concept we all can relate to. There are times when we really have it, there are memories of when we had

Summertime Hydration

Summer Season is beginning to wind down.   No matter where you live, you have experienced the fire element of Summer-time; and with this there is a drying effect. The importance of hydration cannot be overly stressed. A large percentage of

Summertime Ayurvedic Wisdom

Summertime is a season of the fire element, bringing in warmth and activity. From the Ayurvedic perspective when ever the external environment heats up there will be a corresponding increase in heat throughout the body/mind. Patterns found in nature can

And now, Yoga….

Yoga is to me like the Sun is to the earth each day. The Sun rises, spreads light and warmth, and its rays of activation help to activate my own existence. Yoga does this for me also. As I rise

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