Creating A Kitchen Sadhana

"Ayurveda revealed to me a balanced way of life. I felt the shift immediately; and it continues…"
Kitchen Sadhana
Sadhana is a Sanskrit word describing a dedicated practice or cultivating positive life habits in order to create greater inner peace.  Our surroundings matter.  In fact, what we have in our immediate surroundings deeply reflects our mind states.  Plan your kitchen to be a healthy, sacred, healing space – especially during your cleanse time.  Approach this Cleanse Season with the Kitchen as the Central altar of positive life habits and the place where you keep all of the good foods that create a healthy body.  Here are some tips: 
Clear the clutter:  Keeping your eating space clear will go greater lengths to your wanting to sit down and eat peacefully.
Consider a smaller plate:  If you are watching how much you eat, people who use a 10″ plate instead of a 12 or 14″ plate, eat less.
Clean up your pantry and food cabinets:  If you haven’t used it in several months, why is it still there.  Are there tempting foods that you keep in your cabinets that won’t serve your greater good…give them away.
Find your favorite flower vase and get a bouquet of flowers that delight your senses:  Make the experience of walking into your kitchen each day a special joy. 
Keep a bowl of fresh limes and lemons handy on the counter:  The smell is refreshing, and is shown to curb your appetite.  This will also remind you to have your mug of hot water in the morning with a squeeze of lime.
Put things away:  A clean kitchen space creates ease in the psyche.
Create a small altar to your healthy mind, body & spirit thru your cooking endeavors:  I have a small statue of Hanuman on my counter.  His fortitude, deep compassion and love are a positive reminder for my life, especially in the kitchen.
Place your Goal or Affirmation written on a piece of paper on your small altar:  You will see it daily.
Bless your food, bless your life, bless the opportunity to take this time to shift.
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