Finding Balance as We Transition into Spring and Summer

Seasonal changes can often feel unsettling and cause a sense of imbalance in our bodies and minds.  The Earth is shifting – shedding the heavy wetness of Winter bringing in the lightness and fertility of Spring.  Days are getting longer, and we may feel a greater urge to get outdoors, be more active, shed our own sense of heaviness.

As we embark on our own seasonal shifts, it is a great time to not only take time to cleanse thru diet, but to also seek other movement practices to help with the transition. Whether gardening, hiking, biking, or some other activity, keeping variety in our movement practices is ideal for our bodies.

I love to take balancing yoga postures each day as a way to stay aligned and aware in all of my movement.  Practicing yoga balances is a way to re-set my nervous system.  In truth, we only move towards balance, experience it for moments in time, and then once again seek balance.  It’s an amazing dance, not only with taking a yoga pose, but with how we move through our daily lives.  Taking time to practice some balancing yoga postures is a metaphor for how to respond throughout the day from a place of action instead of reaction.  Practically speaking, it can be like an insurance policy to less falls as we age, too.

Tree pose and dancing devi are 2 poses I love to do.

Dancing devi is part of a wonderful series of poses to do at various times to honor the earth and the feminine energies which run through all of us.
The standing leg is slightly turned out, with knee and hip slightly flexed. The raised leg is taken out to the side and flexed at the knee. Hands are placed in Jnana Mudra, a gesture honoring our highest wisdom. One hand is placed in front of the forehead or third eye Ajna chakra. The other hand is placed at the low belly, the home of Prana within the body, also known as the second chakra or Svadhistana. Enjoy 5 to 10 breaths in this pose, and then switch sides and re-arrange your mudras.


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Image by Jade Bealle Photography

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