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65hr Online Functional Yoga Therapy Advanced Assessment & Therapeutic Planning Training September-December, 2022

As a new paradigm sweeps access the world, mainly due to Covid-19 and its future implications, online virtual assessments and treatments have become essential to the world of Yoga Therapy.   In November of 2020 we stepped up to evolve our signature advanced training into a virtual format.  Within this virtual platform, we have re-created the large body of work to incorporate a very multi-dimensional teaching and learning environment, in a manner consistent with the broader concept of Telehealth. 

Functional Yoga Therapy continues to update its material to keep up with new research in the broadening world of functional movement.  We have a new and greatly expanded manual, including a large online library of assessment and protocol videos. In addition, the manual and coursework includes specifics on Tele-Yoga-Therapy, FYT’s specifics for virtual assessment and therapeutic protocol. 

For those seeking to refresh their assessment skill set and add new virtual components to your Yoga Therapy Toolbox, we invite you to join one of our upcoming online training sessions.  Any C-IAYT looking for credits can earn Approved Professional Development (APD) hours for IAYT from both courses, as well as Continuing Education (CE) hours for Yoga Alliance.

Our 65hr Functional Yoga Therapy: Advanced Assessment and Treatment Planning Course includes a newly expanded printed manual mailed to you prior to the training, newly updated assessment forms and handouts, 35hrs of Live Virtual Classroom time, over 40 Recorded Lecture and Assessment Videos and continued access to our Online FYT Resource Library.  In addition, you are assigned a mentor highly experienced in the concepts of Functional Yoga Therapy to offer guidance as you work with the course.

FYT Fall 2022 Training Dates:

Our 4 Day Live Virtual Workshop starts at 12pm (noon) Thursday November 3 and ends 4:30pm Sunday November 6.   Prior to this Live Virtual training, there is approx. 25hrs of preparatory self-paced work to complete, officially beginning September, which is designed to give you the background and foundation to come together as a group.

  • Introductory Zoom Meeting – September 5, 2022 @ 3pm (Optional)
  • Live Virtual Workshop – November 3-6, 2022 (Mandatory)
  • Pelvic Floor Yoga Therapy with Leslie Howard – November 7, 2022 (Optional; included in tuition)
  • Group Coaching Call #1 – December 17, 2022 @ 3pm (Optional – included in tuition)

All Meetings are in Tucson Local Time (MST).


Complete the application below to enrol in our upcoming course.

*FYT Ball Kit required – Purchase Here

This advanced program provides 65 hours of Continuing Education for Yoga Alliance and International Association of Yoga Therapists.  Inner Peace Yoga Therapy accepts this course as part of their 300 and 800 hour Yoga Therapy training.  Bija Yoga Therapy accepts this course as part of their 300 and 800 hour Yoga Therapy training.  


Total Tuition = $1400 + $75 online payment service fee (unless paid via check or Venmo)

A $400 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot.

FOR MORE INFORMATION – info@MariaAlive.com

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