Online Advanced Training Courses

Continuing Education Series (Coming Soon)

Find clarity and greater understanding of our dynamic, amazing human selves.

Are you a practicing yoga therapist, body-centered practitioner, medical professional, yoga teacher, fitness professional or student looking to understand the deeper dynamics of the body within its many levels?

These unique, information-filled courses will dive deeply into functional anatomy, movement dynamics, assessment techniques, therapeutic treatment plans and more…

Each course can be used as part of your certification* needs, continuing education needs, or stand alone to continue expanding your knowledge.

Each course is multidimensional in its teaching format, including one or more of the following: Manuals, audio, video, photos, interactive Q & A, webinars, and on-site offerings.

Look for the following courses and more in 2022:

  • Yoga Therapy and the Jaw
  • Understanding the Feet
  • Ayurveda and mood
  • Getting Juicy with Aum Tantra
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