Ground the Body, Access the Bone Layer, and Distill the Mind

Maria Warrior II Posture by Jade Beal

As we continue on our pathway through cleansing and refreshing the body, it’s also important to remember that we want to stay grounded, clear as well as quiet in the mind.

The best set of poses that can be done with any variety of modifications is the Warrior Series.

With Warrior II, the mind is focused fully thru the strength and clarity of the eyes, as they gaze fiercely out through the fingers.  The strong lower body is grounded yet receptive to change.  The arms reaching out in both directions symbolize the need to look towards the future, and in keeping with the learning and distillation of the past.  With torso held upright and eyes stronge, it becomes apparent that the person embodying Warrior II is fully present in the NOW, yet with past in mind, they are clearly stepping into the future.

Take time for some of the Warrior poses each day as you are cleansing the body and calming the mind.  You will find a renewed sense of inner strength and a strong groundedness.

Hold this pose for 3 minutes, 5 minutes, or as long as you like; then switch sides.


Photo:   Jade Beal

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