Functional Yoga Therapy – Advanced Assessment Techniques Manual 2020 (Interactive PDF)



This is the digital version of the extensive Functional Yoga Therapy training manual, which includes a PDF file to be downloaded.

Students enrolled in online courses receive a coupon code that reduces the price to $108.

Purchase of this manual constitutes agreement to adhere to the Grant of License:

Grant of License. Provider (MariaAlive, LLC; MariaAlive Therapeutics; Functional Yoga Therapy) hereby grants a non-exclusive license to the students/interns/practitioners(s) whom are in agreement, to use the licensed Intellectual Property (namely “The Functional Yoga Therapy Advanced Assessment Techniques” manual) in connection with seeing private clients, and only during the term of this Agreement.  This license grants a limited right, title and interest in Provider’s name, logo, Course Materials, instructor manuals, ideas and plans for working exclusively with clients.  NOTE:  this agreement does NOT grant license to use the manual or its handout contents to teach other courses, nor to share its contents with other practitioners , unless first obtaining permission from MariaAlive Therapeutics and MariaAlive, LLC.  It is also noted that each page of the manual must be kept in its entirety, including the Trademark symbol and reference to Functional Yoga Therapy.  A breech of this Grant of License will result in immediate revocation of the above terms, and potential legal action after a cease and desist letter has been sent to the party in error.


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