Lalita’s Bliss-Plus Treatment (2 hours)


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Lalita Sanctuary offers a feast for your body and senses.  The Bliss Plus treatment is the highlight of Ayurvedic Body treatments.  It deeply nourishes while guiding your body into purification.

Each Bliss Plus treatment includes the following:  Full body garshana (dry skin exfoliation); a customized oil massage (parts of this treatment include 2 practitioners at one time); Swedhana treatment (a nourishing steam treatment to the body with customized essential oils infused);  An Ayurvedic facial to cleanse and purify the skin while also stimulating the marma points of the face and head; Nasya sinus treatment; a Shirodhara treatment (continuous flow of warm soothing oil to the forehead); and lastly a Bliss drink to nourish and hydrate.

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