Lalita’s Self-Directed Spring Cleanse – 2017


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Lalita’s new Self-Guided Cleanse Experience – includes the following:

  • A newly expanded e-book with complete step by step instructions as well as recipes, and detailed information on all of the aspects of the Cleanse.
  • Daily missives sent directly to your email.  These include step by step reminders and encouragement, along with therapeutic teaching, a daily mudra, Yoga based options, and Meditation offerings.
  • Three Lectures, approximately 40 minutes long, to be watched just prior to each of the main phases of the Cleanse:  Pre-Cleanse, Full Cleanse and Post Cleanse.
  • Private Facebook Page for all Cleansers to connect, share and virtually cleanse together.


This Self-Guided Spring Cleanse includes the same knowledge and care as prior years Cleansing with Maria.  The only difference is that you will obtain your own cleansing herbs and other products for the Cleanse.  The E-book has a complete list of all items needed, as well as suggestions of where to purchase.


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