Lalita’s 2018 Tier 1 Spring Cleanse


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  • A newly expanded e-book with complete step by step instructions as well as recipes, and detailed information on all of the aspects of the Spring Cleanse.  This includes a shopping list and a log to help organize your cleanse.
  • Private Facebook group for all Cleansers to connect, share and virtually cleanse together.
  • Daily short videos posted to the private Facebook group.  These include step by step reminders and encouragement, along with therapeutic teaching, a daily mudra, Yoga based options, and Meditation offerings.
  • Links to 3 lectures (each 40 minutes long); each lecture is focused to the three different stages of the Cleanse experience – pre-cleanse, full cleanse, post-cleanse.



Pre-Cleanse begins April 16, 2018 thru April 20, 2018

Full Cleanse begins April 21 thru April 25

Post-Cleanse April 26 and 27.

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