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Maria Warrior II Posture by Jade Beal

Dear Yogi’s, I hope this crazy chaotic time in our lives swiftly shifts to ease and comfort for all.  I will never give up my ideals.  My daily yoga practices are my elixir for inner strength and my medicine for how I react and take action. In essence, Yoga heals me in both small and large ways. I know this current pandemic is not just going to go away, but will instead alter the existence we have come to believe is our True Nature.

During these trying times a full spectrum of emotions arises, as well as feelings of powerlessness.  All that we are feeling is okay, and even necessary to help us break away our limiting beliefs.  It’s important to keep our hearts open despite the pain.  Instead of letting ourselves feel paralyzed to our fears and the events around us; we Yogi’s  know that we have a choice in how we can respond.  We can bring compassion to our own reactions, and develop loving understanding to the reactions of those around us.  These awarenesses and actions are the true lessons, and the juice of life many of us have forgotten.

We can do what we know best:  

As Yogi’s let’s make “Sacred” for the good of the Whole.  Each day, each thought, each movement, each action out into the World can be seen as a sacred step on our unified path of enlightenment. 

Breathing in I breathe in; Breathing out I breathe out
Breathing in I breathe in; and Breathing out I breathe out

Practice daily.  There are so many ways this can occur:  watch the sunrise, step outside each day to consciously breathe in the Prana around you; create a home practice area and step onto the mat each day, even if just for a minute.  Each minute is another step in the direction of clarity.  Each moment in meditation, aware breath practice, and yoga asana, is learning to trust the truth inside of each of us.  Waken each day to inspiration thru readings, prayers, chants or quiet awareness. Create a similar practice before bed to clear the mind and sleep more peacefully.

Remember to come back to the present moment – breath by breath.  When panic or fear arise, just exhale.  Then as the next inhale comes in, experience it fully.  Keep coming back to breath. Yes, there are true fears to engage, and how you step up to them makes all the difference.

Make plans to take action to secure your safety, and to help others.  These World events cannot be remedied by only isolating ourselves – we must reach out to others with compassion and strength.  Stay educated on current affairs from accurate sources, and when in doubt always fact-check.

Communicate with compassion. Write letters, send emails to loved ones, check in on your neighbors, speak your truth kindly and ask for help when you need it.  

Bring in your Yoga ideals. Yoga is universal, knows no boundaries by race, economics, politics or age.  Get past your own aversions, bring in your yoga ideals, and see everybody as equally lovable and deserving of positive health and an equitable lifestyle.  Hold everybody, those known and unknown faces across the planet, in this union of Truth.  

Speak up for the truth in your values.  We want to hear the truth from our leaders, we want to understand the reasoning for American and Worldwide actions being taken, and we deserve timely news coming from leaders of integrity.  Show support for appropriate influencers and leaders, and make your Vote count.

Take up a specific cause and jump into it fully.  I have several friends making face masks for health care workers.  Others are sharing food, and helping to feed all of the school children out there that don’t have enough to eat.  Victor Shamas, my Beloved, is offering weekly Global Chant on-line . How can you help others now?  

“Sangha is a coming together of a beloved community seeking spiritual uplifting and sharing joy.”


Please know you are not alone, and in your yoga classes and other places of spiritual union, you have created a web of connection that goes beyond just the movement practices.  The Sanskrit term is “Sangha,” described as a coming together of a beloved community seeking spiritual uplifting and sharing joy. A true Sangha enjoys inclusiveness of the greater community no matter one’s personal values.  I hold each and every one of you as very special and dear in our Sangha.  

Please call me by my true names, so I can hear all my cries and laughter at once, so I can see that my joy and pain are one.

Please call me by my true names, so I can wake up

and the door of my heart could be left open,

the door of compassion. Thich Nhat Hanh

Please Call Me By My True Names, excerpt from the full poem

For me, I have been diligently working on creating Free short yoga videos to go on my You-Tube Channel.  They are divided into Yoga Flow, Yoga Sculpt (using weights and elastics), and Chair Yoga, and will soon include Yoga Therapy.  It has been slow going because of my limited Tech skills. They are free for your use.  Here is the link, with more videos being added daily: MariaAlive You-Tube Channel – FREE Yoga Videos

Donations are welcome but not mandatory, and will go to two causes I have identified to receive my help right now. Visit for other timely news and offerings :

The MS Society – my son Shanti has MS, and I have been teaching MS Yoga for 20 years in the Tucson area.

Tucson Community Food Bank’s BackPack Program – this program helps bring necessary meals to school children in the greater Tucson area.

Here is the donation link: DONATIONS FOR THOSE IN NEED

Take time for your self-care needs

I am also offering Free 15 minute Yoga Therapy and Ayurvedic consultations on Facetime. Please contact me to schedule: EMAIL MARIA

Blessings and Balance,
Maria Shamas (formerly Mendola)
“Tools for Sustained Joy”

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