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Fluid Body dynamics

Finally, the System that takes care of your TMJ issues as the dynamic, whole person that you are.


Fluid Body Dynamics ™ – A New Paradigm of integrative health

“If only there was another way to relieve my pain associated with TMJ without surgery….” There is! At Medicine Wheel Dental and Wellness Center you’ll discover a whole body approach to relief of temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) pain. Do you suffer from headaches, facial pain, neck, shoulder and back pain, or grind your teeth? You may find the source of your discomfort emanates from a misaligned jaw known as Temporal Mandibular Joint or TMJ/ TM Disorder.


To date, relief of temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) issues typically involved invasive surgery, general anesthesia and possible hospital stay. Not at Medicine Wheel Dental and Wellness Center — the birthplace of Fluid Body Dynamics ™!


Fluid Body Dynamics ™ is a natural fusion of Dr. Steve Swidler’s holistic Body/Jaw Alignment, non-invasive TMJ program with Functional Yoga Therapy ™ developed more than 15 years ago by structural yoga leader Maria Mendola, BSN, MS. Together Dr. Steve and Maria provide each client with a customized Body/Jaw Alignment plan that includes practitioner lead treatments like postural assessment, movement therapeutics, cranial sacral therapy, acupuncture and massage with functional, self-care prescriptions including optimal breath practices, trauma release therapies, yoga postures and meditation. You’ll have a team of wellness professionals by your side every step of your TMJ journey!


Fluid Body Dynamics™ is unprecedented…

Imagine correcting a misaligned jaw with an outcome that has you looking and feeling physically, mentally and spiritually balanced. It’s possible! Through Fluid Body Dynamics ™ your TMJ case will be managed exclusively by an integrated team of wellness professionals. When you decide that you really want to participate in virtually eliminating your TMJ and/or TMD (Temporomandibular Disorder) symptoms the first step is to make an appointment. Dr. Steve and Maria will guide your healing experience with your own personal TMJ/Body Jaw Alignment Program.


As above, so below…

As a pioneer in holistic dentistry with post graduate education in Cranial Osteopathy, Dr. Steve will blend his dental science knowledge with hands-on manipulation to properly diagnose and improve TMJ function. Maria’s skills as an orthopedic nurse, Functional Yoga Therapist and movement specialist, completes your assessment; with you discovering how your jaw misalignment can be affecting many other areas of your body! Together, both Dr. Steve and Maria may also detect a misalignment in the hips, knees and ankles. No ordinary dental practice or Structural therapist offers this kind of full body, comprehensive analysis!

An acrylic dental appliance may be designed for you to improve your bite mechanics. On many occasions, this is a prime mechanism for improving TMJ non-invasively. Additionally, a healthier whole body relationship will result, too. This happens as “layers of the onion” of old injury patterns and their compensations are released. As a result, new body use patterns are strengthened. As you improve Maria will “prescribe” yoga and movement therapies to further strengthen and stabilize the new, pain free you.


We know your time is valuable.

Once the Fluid Body Dynamics ™ team evaluates your jaw, observes your correlating postural structure and designs an inter-oral appliance for you to wear daily, you may be assigned various treatment modalities to foster jaw and body symmetry. Depending on your changing needs throughout your improvement cycles, a specialist in bodywork, acupuncture, nutritional counselling, yoga, Yoga Therapy, meditation, etc. will be suggested and organized for you as needed. You may even be assigned a session on the innovative “ReOrient Express” percussion table invented by Dr. Steve. You can be assured all aspects of your jaw position treatment plan will be closely measured and adjustments made to create full body balancing.


When will I see real results? 

Obvious improvement is normally experienced within the first month. Think of it, you can start feeling better quickly with incredible results exclusively through your Fluid Body Dynamics ™ team! If you are not in the Tucson area, but are interested in exploring Fluid Body Dynamics ™ approach to TMJ/TMD health care, talk with your dentist and movement therapist. Fluid Body Dynamics ™ is offering this program worldwide to practitioners as an easy, effective, non-invasive way to work with their clients who have TMJ.

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