Ayurvedic Private Sessions

Whether you’re a yoga professional or student, a medical professional, or someone looking to improve your daily life and health, Ayurvedic Private Sessions provide the perfect forum.

During this session, I will take you through a thorough assessment, talking to you about your lifestyle, any issues you’re experiencing and want to address, and your end goals. From an Ayurvedic perspective, I will look at your energy level, diet, sleep, yoga practices, and other parts of your life.

Together we’ll create a daily routine, called a Dinacharya, that will bring regularity and balance to your life.  I often suggest certain foods, herbs and body treatments to support your healing.  If you’re interested, I can also teach you how to make some simple and nourishing Ayurvedic recipes.

You will walk away from this session with steps you can immediately begin to take that will help you Release what isn’t working, Renew your energy, and Radiate the Divine You .

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Please provide three possible dates and times. Sessions can be in person or by Skype.  You will receive a confirmation within one week.

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After we receive your intake form and your session is scheduled, please pay for your session here:

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