FYT Advanced Assessment Certification

The FYT 1 Certification Program is a 65 Hour intensive focused on Advanced Assessment and Treatment Planning

Functional Yoga Therapy’s Advanced Assessment & Treatment certification course incorporates techniques of ancient yoga practices, modern Structural Yoga Therapy, Integrative Therapeutic Yoga, and Ayurvedic Yoga concepts.   Using the Panchamayakosha model of yoga therapy, the human body will be studied as a sacred temple with all its myriad complexities within assessment and individualized therapeutic application.  New course offerings include Tele-health with an expanded manual teaching the nuances of effective virtual assessment.  In addition, there is a large video and narrated powerpoint library for the student’s continued use.  Students learn the complete cycle of healing by practicing all assessment techniques on each other, their own personal clients, and as a final exam, participate in a complete assessment and therapeutic planning session with a client.  At the end of the program students will have developed a thorough understanding of specific symptomatic presenting issues, as well as a greater understanding of the client as a fullyintegrative whole human being and deeper understanding of themselves in their own journey of health and healing.

Students  learn the complete cycle of healing by practicing all assessment techniques on each other, and participate in a “real-client” clinic day.   At the end of the program students  develop  a thorough understanding of specific symptomatic presenting issues, as well as a greater understanding of the client as a fully integrative whole human being and deeper understanding of themselves in their own journey of enlightenment.

Each intensive workshop explores advanced anatomy and physiology, and its relationship to specific structural and physiological issues within the body.  Neurological re-patterning concepts and its practical uses in a therapeutic client interaction also are explored.

I highly recommend her training to all other yoga therapists and teachers. I think this is a great opportunity to broaden our skills and deepen our self-confidence as yoga therapists by gaining practical and applicable methods to help heal the mind-body.

—Brynn Byrne


Successful completion of this  65-hour advanced continuing education course can be used towards the IAYT approved 500-hour and 1000-hour yoga therapist certification courses for the following schools:

NOTE: Please check with each individual school to confirm its requirements.

Preparatory Homework

This course has preparatory homework that must be completed prior to beginning training.  After enrolling in the course, you will receive confirmation, and links will be provided for course homework.

Functional Yoga Therapy was probably the best training I have ever taken. It was the perfect balance of lecture and practice, with a real physical experience of the techniques and information you were learning.

—Patti G.

Pre-Order Ball Kit

A Ball Kit will be required for all FYT classes.  It is an integral part of the experiential work and your personal development. The kit includes a 5″ Myofascial release ball, a small Slo-Mo ball, a Myofascial Jaw-Hand-Foot Kit and one backpack carrying bag.

Order at least 30 days before scheduled training.

NEW in 2020

This course is now offered as an on-line Virtual experience.  It incorporates all of the previous learning, as well as important Tele-health components to help provide a more meaningful and accurate experience.

This new teaching format for Functional Yoga Therapy Advanced Assessment Techniques will allow each student to be heard, be seen, have all of their questions and needs addressed to a very high degree. Upon completion of this training, each student should be able to grasp the field of knowledge related to Functional Yoga Therapy, and also to understand how to use its techniques in a virtual environment as well as in-person with a client. Your take-away will be a bigger market of employability.

To replicate the depth of learning and personal connection we feel at in-person courses, we have organized the addition of a new mentor role by bringing in some top-notch instructors to be mentors for your learning needs.

Here is what your training will provide:

  • An extensive updated training manual with added sections on Tele-Health
  • 1:1 session time with your assigned Functional Yoga Therapy Mentor.
  • Live Zoom classroom with Maria Shamas and other excellent Faculty
  • Unlimited access to the recording of each virtual classroom experience.

Specialized learning modules in addition to all of the assessment and treatment techniques that Functional Yoga Therapy is known for:

  • Pelvic Floor Yoga Therapy
  • Yoga Therapy for Balance & other proprioceptive issues
  • Body/Jaw Alignment: learning the team approach for working with TMJ issues as a Yoga Therapist
  • Neurogenic Yoga Therapeutics and Trauma Release
  • Therapeutic Assessment & Treatment for large-bodied clients
  • Unlimited access to the Online Teacher Training Portal, which includes Assessment and Treatment videos, Ball rolling segments, Case Studies, and    new information being added.
  • Two Group Coaching Calls with Maria – offered at one month and at two months after the official Live Virtual training.
  • Access to our private intern/mentor/faculty Group site for collegial conversation, clarification of concepts and techniques, and networking.
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