About Functional Yoga Therapy

Functional Yoga Therapy ™ (FYT) was developed by Maria Shamas (formerly Mendola), RN, MS, c-IAYT, by combining her past trainings and certifications in nursing, community health, Ayurveda, Integrative Yoga Therapy, Structural Yoga Therapy and trauma release training to create a unique, effective system that provides students with a depth of knowledge and insight from which to build their own effective practice .

FYT merges ancient yoga techniques and modern wisdom to identify imbalances and create a unique path to healing and wellness.  This approach sees the human being as an integrated body-mind-spirit system that is at its best when all three parts are in a state of dynamic balance.  The goal of FYT is to guide each person to her or his own deeper awareness, greater understanding, and movement on a continuum of healing.

Through hands-on teaching, Maria guides students in learning:

  • Advanced postural assessment
  • Range of motion, muscle strength and flexibility testing
  • Practical Ayurvedic concepts related to the assessment and treatment process.
  • Use  of goniometers and specialized balls for release
  • Sound healing
  • Marma point concepts
  • Understanding a client’s emotional anatomy
  • Training in sensitivity and awareness

FYT Foundations

The Panchamayakosha model is used to bring balance and return us to a state of wellbeing on all levels, from the outer layer of our physical body, to increasingly more subtle layers that are all connected.

  • Anamayakosha – the physical body and its systems
  • Pranamayakosha – the energy body and breath
  • Manomayakosha – the psycho-emotional body
  • Vijnyanamayakosha – the watcher state or higher mind
  • Anandamayakosha – the bliss body, higher consciousness and the enlightened state

Become a Functional Yoga Therapist

FYT helps yoga professionals, physical therapists and other medical workers provide more profound methods to address their clients’ body issues and concerns.  Gain new skills and confidence by enrolling in an FYT training course today.

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Experience an FYT Private Session

Whether you’re an individual seeking to bring healing and balance into your own life or a seasoned yoga practitioner looking to experience new practices, a private session will give you an in-depth experience of what Functional Yoga Therapy can do for you. No two clients are the same so before creating your unique healing plan, Maria will conduct a thorough assessment  in a safe and confidential environment. To uncover any imbalances, she will ask about your personal concerns and needs, then conduct an Ayurvedic and Functional Yoga Therapy movement assessment. At the end of this first meeting, you will leave with a treatment plan that may include diet suggestions, herbs, specific yoga postures, and body treatments providing clear steps to guide you on your road to recovery and rejuvenation.  Maria’s private sessions can be done in person or by Skype. 

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