What distinguishes MariaAlive Therapeutics from other Yoga and Ayurvedic therapies?

The Functional Yoga Therapist adapts and individualizes a specific set of postures and therapeutic movements, breathing techniques, awareness and meditation tools, while focusing on the client’s lifestyle needs. Functional Yoga Therapy™ (FYT) teaches us that no two clients are the same, even if one presents with similar conditions to another; individual and customized treatment plans are the hallmark of FYT. The care given by a Functional Yoga Therapist is done in a nurturing, safe and confidential environment.

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What style of Yoga is MariaAlive Therapeutics based upon?

MariaAlive’s Therapeutics are based on an eclectic blend of several lineages of yoga.  Functional Yoga Therapy™(FYT) combines the ancient knowledge of using yoga techniques to find balance in the body and mind; as well as modern scientific research to substantiate the best methods based on individual needs.

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How long are the Functional Yoga Therapy™ (FYT) Advanced Assessment trainings?

These trainings are 55 hours, over a span of 6 days.  There is an additional add-on option of 10 hours live webinar for those requiring 65 hours total – or those interested in delving deeper.

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Why is Ayurveda important to consider adding to your Yoga practice?

Both Ayurveda and Yoga are sister sciences.   Ayurveda focuses more on the physical imbalances that can occur living in our bodies.  Yoga focuses on balancing mind, mind and spirit.  MariaAlive Therapeutics expertly blends the two sciences to provide you with a more comprehensive roadmap to your overall health and wellbeing.

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What should I wear to a Private Yoga Therapy session?

Dress comfortably.  Depending on your personal needs for your session, you may be sitting on a yoga mat on the floor, or lying on a massage table for assessments.  Your clothing should be easily stretchable and modest for a variety of movements.

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