Seasonal Cleanses

The wellness-based practice of Ayurveda follows the seasons as a pointer to finding balance within us.  Each season brings with it a new flavor of interaction.  This includes the current seasonal harvests and the changing weather patterns; all of which affect us greatly.

There are two junctions of the year that are most important to recreating whole body/mind balance.  The Fall Season, known as the Vata Season, is the time of year to ground, focus and nourish the deep nervous system.  A cleanse at this time of year can create the inner soma of clarity, vitality and ease in mind/body/spirit.

The Spring Season is an important junction of shedding the layers from the Winter Season, as we prepare for the heat of the Summer Season.  The Spring Cleanse is more clarifying, and deeply detoxifying as a way to find lightness in both body and mind.

The most amazing thing? It is becoming common these days for people to say I look radiant! Maria I blame you! This cleanse was, as always, deeply healing. Thank you so much for all that give us, for answering all our emails with our silly questions. You give so much. My whole being blissfully thanks you.

—Sarah, Tucson

Lalita’s Seasonal Cleanses are in their eleventh year of providing a safe, effective way to cleanse and re-nourish.  These guided cleanses are done in the comfort of your own home with a specialized kit, a complete e-book, lectures and daily email guidance, along with customization as needed.  They’re offered across North America.

Why I cleanse

Cleansing twice yearly is an important practice I began 15 years ago as a wellness choice to improve my sense of energy and vitality. The Seasonal Cleanse restores my body, mind, and nervous system.

It helps me shed layers of held stress, while deeply nourishing me. I love the simplicity of the routine, including the basic diet. And, the beauty of this cleanse is that I can continue my daily work and play, feeling lighter and more vibrant. It’s worth it to me.

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