4. An Embodied Experience of Self: Yoga from the Inside Out

Welcome to An Embodied Experience of Self:  Yoga from the Inside Out, presented by Francine Kelley, MSW, C-IAYT.  It is possible to live in a body and yet not fully experience that body from the inside out. Somatic approaches recognize that the body has wisdom to share, if only we would listen. A collaborative relationship with the body means that we listen to its messages rather than simply making it do our bidding. From this embodied state we allow and invite spontaneous movement and feel the movement of prana – the body’s wisdom is available to lead us toward healing. In this learning segment, you will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Play with what embodiment feels like.
  • Explore embodiment from the point of view of the Polyvagal Theory and the gunas.
  • Discover how the body can help us to get to know ourselves through the full spectrum of the koshas.
  • Be introduced to SIBAM – an inquiry into present-moment experience from the point of view of Somatic Experiencing.

To Do: 

  1. Read the following articles:
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  2. Experiential Self-Assessment PDF

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