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All Meetings are in Tucson Local Time (MST).


Day 1: Thursday February 25

NoonMaria: Opening Welcome; Present Syllabus & Manual
1:00Movement Refresh Video – Foot Relief Joy (Includes break)
1:30Maria: “Begin with the Feet” Powerpoint Lecture
2:00Watch Video: “Dorsiflexion Assessment at wall.” 1. Practice assessment on self & do 3 part mobility plan; 2. Reassess dorsiflexion on self.
2:20Q&A: 10″
2:30Partners: 1. Single Leg Stance video; 2. Refer to manual p. 28 for protocol overpronation/oversupination; 3. Assess each other; do protocol as needed & recheck single leg stance.
3:001. Q&A: 10″; 2. Maria finish lecture.
3:30Partners: 1. Watch videos – overhead squat, thoracic rotation; 2. Assess each other; 3. Practice therapeutics from slides 14 & 15 of powerpoint; 4. Re-assess overhead squat and thoracic rotation. See also page 28 manual. TAKE A BREAK.
4:30Pulse Diagnosis & Wrap-Up. (Done by 5:15pm)

Day 2: Friday February 26

Upon wakingMorning Sadhana on own
Maria:  Self-Awareness using mudras and breath.  Discussion of rolling patterns
9:25Movement Refresh Video on own & TAKE BREAK
10:00Maria: Lecture “Understanding Gait & Assessing Large Movements” Powerpoint
10:30Partners: Do the following with each other. Only watch videos if needed.
1. Foot assessment – use PDF form
2. Single Leg stance, Overhead Squat, Thoracic Rotation (refer to p. 28 manual)
3. Gait analysis: from prior short video/photos of your assigned partner (refer to p. 33 in manual for note taking).
4. Discuss above findings with partner, create & try short treatment plans.
5. Reassess Large Movements: single leg stance, overhead squat, thoracic rot.
Self-inquiry question:  What behaviors have I learned or taken on that have directly affected my Posture for good or bad?
1pm-Yoga Nidra & Lymphatic Mojo Flow: Michelle Bowles (includes short break)
1:50Maria: *Advanced Assessments Part 1 – Use of manual & reference to videos.
Begin with Use of Goniometer (reference to manual p. 66-68)
*Each Advanced Assessment segment with Maria: includes virtual assessing, live assessing or referral to manual & video, and experiential with students working on each other virtually.
2:20*Advanced Assessments Part 1 – Continues
Virtual Assessment – Partners: Pulsing, Dorsiflexion/plantar flexion, hyperextension, straight leg hip flexion, hamstring check at wall.
3:30In-Person Assessment – Maria demonstrates & refers to manual references: Pulsing, leg length check, dorsi/plantar flexion, straight leg hip flexion with goniometer.
4:00If time permits: Maria assesses one student virtually. Done by 4:45pm.

Day 3: Saturday February 27

8am Neurogenic Yoga & EFT with Torrey Postal, RYT-500. TAKE A BREAK.
Suggested Props: Blanket, strap, blocks
10:15*Advanced Assessments – Part 2
Maria demos, videos, manual and in-person assessment guidelines.
Pectoralis minor check, Shoulder internal/external rotation, Shoulder flexion, Carrying angle.
11:20Partners: Practice virtual assessment; Q&A
Self-inquiry question:  Think about aspects of your life where a stronger sense of core support would benefit you.  
1:00Maria: Core Support & Stabilization with experiential.
*Advanced Assessments – Part 3
Maria demos, videos, manual and in-person guidelines.
Psoas test, Rectus abdominis, Transversus abdominis, Glute Max test
2:10Appropriate treatment guidelines – discussion of protocol in manual; Q&A
3:30Maria Virtual Assessment on one student with other students helping. Done by 4:30.

Day 4: Sunday February 28

8amLinda Benton – Yoga for Scoliosis
Required Props: Four wash cloths or small towels, two blocks, two blankets, yoga strap, bolster, folding chair
9:45Maria:  Self-Awareness using mudras and breath.  Q&A from homework.
10amUpper Body Issues – shoulder issues.
10:50*Advanced Assessments – Part 4 with Maria
Knee flexion, hip external/internal rotation, glute external rotation
Self-Inquiry: Stability before Mobility; Weak/Strong, Flexible/Tight, Release
1pmBody/Jaw Alignment – TMJ
– How to assess TMJ:  watch in-person assessment 
– Break up into pairs:  Assess TMJ with Differential Diagnosis.
– Q&A
3:15-4:45Maria Live – Virtual Assessment on one student 
– Discussion of what is expected for final exam

Day 5: Monday March 1

8a-9:30Leslie Howard – Pelvic Floor Yoga TherapyLecture & Experiential
In this workshop we will locate, assess, soften, stretch, strengthen and exercise the muscle groups of the pelvic floor, discuss mula bandha, abdominal health and how to utilize the pelvic floor in asana. The workshop will begin with anatomy, lecture and discussion, followed by subtle experiential movements to awaken your understanding of this often ignored area.
15 Minute Break
9:45Tools for Sustained Joy:  5 stations with a virtual partner: 1. Hip mobility/knee balance; 2. Hip balance with pelvic blocks; 3. Shoulder Assess/practice; 4. Rotations; 5. Core stabilization.
11:05Q&A – 10 minutes
11:25Graduation Ceremony. Done by noon.
Thank You
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