Kristina Knight


Kristina Knight


2 East Pikes Peak Avenue , Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903, United States


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Graduation Date


I am a Pain Care Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) working with those who experience persistent pain; specializing in failed back surgery syndrome. I hold a Pain Care U certificate- 300-hour mentorship specific to Pain and the Science of Pain and have additionally completed over 250 hours dedicated to the study of Pain and Pain Science.

I have a unique perspective to offer clients as I deal with persistent pain in my own life.  A car accident in 1984 at the age of 17 left me with a head injury, broken hip and sciatic nerve damage. Over the years, I’ve had many other surgeries (e.g. sciatic nerve excision, L5-S1 fusion, repair of a labrum tear) and am constantly strengthening, stabilizing and working to calm my nervous system.  It has taken me years and so much work to get to where I am today- mostly pain free.

I offer my clients all the tools I have in my own “first aid kit” (for example, Yoga practices and techniques to calm the nervous system- a key to reducing pain) to help facilitate their road to recovery. My goal is to help each client get to a state of moving with more ease, experiencing less pain and living more fully with HOPE.

Pain Care Yoga group classes or individual yoga therapy sessions can be adapted to any level of pain, degree of limitation/restriction, and level of yoga experience- including none.

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