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Jeri Smalley


200 South Jones Avenue , Norman, Oklahoma 73069, United States


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Graduation Date


My path to yoga was a long one. I took some yoga classes while a graduate student in dance but didn’t appreciate all that it had to offer me. My taste at that time was for intense, challenging movement and I missed this opportunity to blend my taste for intensity with the thoughtful and centering¬† aspects of yoga.

After over twenty-five years of teaching dance followed by a period of working in higher education I rediscovered yoga and started Pilates. I have been studying yoga since 2002, teaching yoga since 2012 and graduated from the Inner Peace Yoga Therapy training in August 2020, becoming a certified yoga therapist through the International Alliance of Yoga Therapy later in 2020.

I now teach longevity yoga, working with primarily with students in the 50-80 age range to help them help themselves become better friends with their beings as part of healthy aging. I also teaches younger students in mixed age classes focusing on a blend of gentle somatic movement, joint freeing, and restorative yoga. This past summer (2022) I taught a body kind-blend of yoga to high school age dance students as part of the University of Oklahoma School of Dance Summer Dance Intensive. I teach private as well as group sessions.

My approach as a yoga therapist and teacher is strongly impacted by my Functional Yoga Therapy trainings with Maria Shamas and other faculty in the Inner Peace Program as well as Yoga for Seniors training with Kimberly Carson and Carol Krucoff. I am currently studying Gentle Somatic Yoga and adding what I am learning to my yoga toolkit as well as participating in a year long Science of Yoga training with Ann Swanson.


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