Reclaim Your Juiciness with Ayurveda

I want to feel Juicy again

Does this statement ring any bells for you? The juicy factor is a concept we all can relate to. There are times when we really have it, there are memories of when we had it, and there are those times when we so dearly just want it…again!

It’s possible, It’s do-able, and you can have it. Let’s talk about that.

First let me say a few things about what “juicy” means to me. It’s the essence of feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and radiant. Here are other words I like to use to describe juiciness: Inspiration, connection, flow, passion, confidence, glow, joy, grace, vitality, contentment, wonderment, empowerment, flexible, confident.

Attaining “juiciness” is both an art and a science. The art is the creative time you spend with yourself, purposely seeking more joy, and aligning yourself with actions that keep you healing and growing. The science is both the deep ancient truth and the new research – all pointing to the fact that our approach to the life we lead is more important than the actual circumstances we find ourselves in. Challenges will always flow through our lives; it’s stepping forward in presence and clarity that makes the difference.

The Art and Science of Rejuvenation is a continuum. Instead of seeking an end-point, we look to the journey, knowing that each day is a new chapter, and with new experiences the main piece we can enjoy is how we show up.

Finding refreshment is all about cultivating positive habits that create an authentic experience. The best way to do this is to create daily practices that promote feeling wonderful. From daily self massage to taking time planning what to nourish our body and mind with (luscious foods, more healthy movement, a daily nap, walking in Nature, etc.) – these are the practices that create present moment awareness. And, this is the deep truth of “Juiciness.”

There are moments, sometimes many moments in one day, that can feel compressed or too hectic to even think about our own special needs of refreshment. And, that’s okay, too. Especially, when we know there are tools and techniques that do work for us, and that we will make time for – later.

Juiciness is about embracing who we are in all of its wonderful facets – some that may be more of the shadow energy we all have, and many that are the enlightening and radiant energy we all have as well. Thru embracing who we are, knowing that there is always room to shift and flow into new patterns – we can then express ourselves more fully. Expression is about self-inquiry, and it’s also about deep listening of others and then creating clear communication about true needs, feelings, visions and goals. When we speak from the heart center, we can temper harsh thoughts as well as ground into clarity.

From embracing who we are, expressing our true selves, we then open to the natural joy of wanting to preserve that deep healthy state, our place of ease and joy, our radiance of pleasure. This is our birthright. The biggest question is what’s holding me back.

How can you tell what your “Juicy” levels are? Not sure? Take the Test:

  • I am often tired, exhausted or have low energy.
  • I experience gas, bloating or heartburn & tiredness after eating.
  • My sleep patterns: can’t fall asleep, wake during the night, oversleep, wake not feeling refreshed.
  • I am lethargic, lack mental clarity and enthusiasm.
  • I am constipated and/or have very loose stools.
  • My skin is very dry/very oily; with rashes/other.
  • I have congestion & often a heaviness in my belly.
  • I lack tolerance with emotional stress; getting upset, irritated or anxious easily.
  • I often feel “less than” and unworthy
  • My libido is very low; I no longer feel juicy.
  • My eyes feel dull, dry, or itchy and inflammed.
  • My body weight is high or low for my good health.

(Answering YES to 3 or more: TIME TO GET JUICY)

And, How do you know that you are on the Pathway to Juiciness? Here are some pointers; remembering that all of life is a wonderful continuum – some days we have it more than others. The most important element is that we value ourselves enough to seek out this path of rejuvenation. Enjoy the experience.

  • I have strong vitality, greater resilience to life’s circumstances
  • It’s easier for me to forgive others.
  • I have greater contentment & positive self-talk.
  • My mind is calmer with less fluctuations constant inner chatter.
  • My digestion is better: daily poops, low cravings, less congestion, energy after eating.
  • My skin, hair, & eyes have more lustre & brightness.
  • My body joints move & flow more easily.
  • I have positive habits that support body/mind/spirit.
  • I trust my inner voice and speak more clearly.
  • I wake with gratitude & value connection.
  • I feel sensual & enjoy healthy expressions of pleasure.
  • My immune system is stronger

Eager to learn more? I’m speaking today at the Yoga Beyond the Poses Telesummit on the ways to incorporate Ayurveda into your everyday life to increase your juiciness! Register for this free conference and receive the recordings to play later if you missed the live call.

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