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FYT 1 – Advanced Assessment & Treatment Techniques

Using the techniques of ancient yoga practices, modern Structural Yoga Therapy techniques, Integrative Therapeutic Yoga models and Ayurvedic yoga concepts, this program delves deeply into hands-on assessment tools and their practical treatment applications. Using the Panchamayakosha model of yoga therapy, the human body will be studied as a sacred temple with all its myriad complexities within assessment and individualized therapeutic application.


Collaboration Programs

Maria shares her unique techniques in a variety accredited programs globally.  If you are interested to know more, follow the links below. 

FYT:  Preparatory Skills & Tools (Inner Peace Yoga Therapy)

This program with Inner Peace Yoga Therapy, taught by Maria, explores advanced anatomy and its relationship to physical movement, along with practical treatment applications.  The human body will be studied as a sacred temple with all of its myriad complexities for both assessment and individualized therapeutic application.  Participants will both experience and facilitate all assessment techniques taught.

March 9 – 12, 2017 in COLORADO SPRINGS

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September 19 – 23, 2017 in AUSTIN

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Professional Yoga Therapist (Module 1) (IYT)

This two-week intensive module forms the foundation of the Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga Program with Integrative Yoga Therapy. Maria will teach Anatomy of Movement/kinesiology.  Participants will learn the use of asana in healing musculoskeletal injuries through an in-depth study of kinesiology, and understanding the effects of asana in strengthening, stabilizing and creating flexibility in every joint of the body. This study includes modifications and use of props for all asana categories.

July 24 – Aug 6, 2017 in MASSACHUSSETTS

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Professional Yoga Therapist (Module 2) (IYT)

Module 2 with Integrative Yoga Therapy focuses on the in-depth practice of Yoga therapy for the needs of the individual in the context of developing a private Yoga therapy practice.  Maria will teach An intensive program that focuses on advanced concepts of human motion from the musculoskeletal perspective as well as motion originating within the subtle anatomy. Therapeutic applications are framed within the “Principles of Practice” for the Private Session client.

Aug 7 – Aug 10, 2017 in MASSACHUSSETTS

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