Effective Ways to Receive Nutrition

The Fall is here and this means a perfect time to look at what habits are serving you in your life and to release those that are not. I will be leading my final annual Fall Cleanse beginning next week. Here is a reflective practice shared in our program to gauge how effectively you’re receiving nutrition. Count how many of these are easy for you and which two or three can become part of your tapas or discipline to achieve this Fall Season:

  •  Am I hungry. Not sure – have a glass of water first. Room temperature is best.
  •  Be assured of greater digestion – eat when a right nostril dominance (check which nostril is 
dominantly breathing – this changes throughout your day).
  •  Drink warm to room temperature water between meals.
  •  Start your day with a good meal. Make sure you are hungry.
  •  Keep meals simple – more complex is harder to digest and best at mid-day.
  •  Eat while it’s light outside.
  •  Lunch time is your highest time of digestion.
  •  Is there Prana (life force) flowing through your food? The more the better. Fresh, local, raw or lightly cooked, with no chemicals has greater Prana.
  •  Chew your food well.
  •  If thirsty while eating, sip warm water.
  •  Do you overeat? If so, slow down. At points in the meal stop and check in with your true hunger.
  •  Eat from a place of honesty. Is your body hungry? If not, what do you really want emotionally. Call a friend.
  •  Consider your constitution when deciding how many meals: Vata three to five meals/day; Pitta 
three meals/day; Kapha one to two meals/day.
  •  Dinner is supplemental. Eat only if you are hungry, and keep it light and grounding (Soup and a light grain is an example).
  •  Eat locally when possible. Visit local farmer’s markets & support your local economy.
  •  Rest after a large meal In the evening take a joyful easy walk 15 minutes after eating.

Excerpt from Lalita’s Fall Cleanse E-Book – 2016. Register online here for the program, or for more information about Ayurvedic nutrition, cleansing, or the E-book, contact Maria at:

*Photo from Vidya Living

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