How to Combat Unhealthy Cravings

What about my cravings?

It’s often most difficult to kick our craving for sweets and carbs. Knowing the body is highly intelligent, why would we crave such things? How can we understand this in a deeper way?

Remember that the body is very intelligent! It asks for what it needs.  Sweet cravings usually mean that we are depleted of our deeper energy – as sugars are instant “pick-me-ups.”

If you focus on restoring your energy reserve, it will be easier to shift sweet cravings.  Look to other ways to restoring your vitality.  Here are some ideas:

  • Get to sleep earlier;
  • Take naps with deep body relaxation;
  • Choose bodywork that creates strength and flexibility, but allows for rest
  • Find a good counselor to help understand your emotions;
  • Take time for meditation
  • Practice slow deep breathing – focus on the exhale
  • Choose simple cleansing and deeply nourishing food –
  • Find ways to slow down your busy days.

Always ask yourself the source of your depletion.  If you take time to listen, cultivate quietness – your inner self will answer you.  From this place of inquiry, develop steps to change habits and shift responses.  It’s better to cut down on what you know doesn’t do well in your body and mind (from food to who you’re choosing to hang out with).

Take it in steps…the goal is no less than high level wellness.   However, if you go too fast, you may not as easily keep these cravings back.  Better to take steps.

Ready to take the next steps into empowering big shifts in your diet and lifestyle? Book your Ayurvedic Private Session with me this fall. During this session, I will take you through a thorough assessment, talking to you about your lifestyle, any issues you’re experiencing and want to address, and your end goals. From an Ayurvedic perspective, I will look at your energy level, diet, sleep, yoga practices, and other parts of your life.


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