Taking Care of the Heart Space During Kapha Season

The Kapha Season (Late Winter/Spring) is the season of “muddiness.” The Kapha Dosha is made up of the elements Earth and Water. In their perfect balance, these elements co-exist harmoniously, creating a natural strong immunity, an emotionally open heart and a sense of clarity and “groundedness.” However, when imbalanced, they can create mud; thus lethargy, mucus- related illnesses (think lung and heart congestion, cysts and fibroids), and dullness of mind.

The Spring Cleanse comes at the perfect time to help lighten, refresh, pull out those tendencies, and guide us back to balance. Heart health is the place to start.

Since the 1970’s and the amazing research and holistic-based work of Dr. Dean Ornish and many other pioneering, cutting edge practitioners, we have learned a lot about how our diet and lifestyle can affect our quality of life and longevity. It is so amazing that ancient yogic teachings on diet and lifestyle reflect a practical wisdom that modern medicine is gradually validating. And, the two are meeting more and more as time moves forward.

Ayurveda and its deep “nature-based” philosophy has long understood that if we can eat close to the seasonal changes of nature and what is being naturally produced during these times, we always stay closer to balance.

And, if we can eat lower on the food chain, keep our gut healthy thru less complex meals planned at the right time of day for our specific constitution, and, learn to enjoy life and the present moment – all of this creates greater heart health.

Here are some simple tips to keep in mind during this Spring season:

o Lots of fresh berries, seasonal fruits and yummy greens.
o Warm up your meals to kick out the ease of increased mucus formation: add picante (black
pepper, cayenne, etc.), warm/hot soups at dinner, raw at mid-day, etc.
o Natural, unrefined soy foods. (think miso and tempeh, not products with soy protein isolate or
hydrolyzed soy protein)
o No more than one cup per day of nonfat dairy products or yogurt. (not during cleanse)
o 3 to 4 grams per day of omega-3 fats (derived from algae or from fish oil that has been purified of
o Decrease your sugar intake. (try Stevia)
o Eat the foods that take longer to digest at mid-day (lean meats, legumes, soy, dairy, etc.)

© Maria Alive Therapeutics 2016; Maria Mendola, RN, MS, E-RYT

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