Transcending Old Habits – Becoming My New Self

Last month, I guided an incredible group through the Lalita Spring Cleanse.  Through this journey together, we reached the cross-roads of the avenues in our cleansing process. Many of us experienced breakthroughs and have in some way seen that we really can be master to most of our lifestyle choices. At the end of the cleanse, we are now wondering how to stay on this path. Many of us also are facing fears of losing these mindful gains we’ve recently achieved. I’m sharing with you here my journey on the cleansing path and how I’ve navigated the crossroads to move towards transformation.

I’ve been cleansing for years, but each time as the cleanse winds down, I feel pangs of sadness for the end of the focused discipline which has been really helpful, and I feel edges of fear that I’ll slip backwards into those old unhealthy habits I just mindfully released.

So, the big question is how to stop the sabotage and create a more continuous bliss. There is no specific consistent recipe, but there are some techniques to consider. We all stepped into this cleanse looking for a new perspective. We’ve learned that discipline is necessary to overcome old, unproductive habits and build new ones.

Building new habits and that focused discipline is best looked at through a long term approach.
Mindful consistency is the base of our new foundation. Building discipline is like building a muscle. When you first use it after a period of inactivity, it may feel sore. That awareness lets you begin the process, because you know it will only change and become a good thing.

Each day that you meet your goals is another day that you put towards that positive new habit. Each time you resist the typical reactions and actions that brought you to your old unhealthy habits, is another step forward.

Each time you give in and step back into that old way is an opportunity to be kind to yourself, and also to remind yourself of how much better you felt with your new positive habits.

Keep it small and do-able. Start by focusing on simple, positive habits that you know you can create consistently: healthy dinners, no snacking after dinner, taking a 5-minute walk every day, giving up that morning double latte with extra cream.
Any negative thoughts or beliefs you have about yourself and how you interact in the World are projections you are choosing, and can be changed. This requires deep self-inquiry, consciously shifting the dialogue you have with yourself, and others (about you); and stepping more fully in to your new Light. Remember, every belief had an origin, and most times it was incorporated as a life-line to help us through an episode in our lives. And, most of the time, it’s no longer needed. Practice your new affirmations.

It’s fearful to become your new self. Who are you “not” to shine your light? You’ve come this far, give yourself some daily pep talks and surround yourself with people who honor your new “you.” Create an affirmation each morning, repeating it several times out loud and even writing it down.

Don’t forget: grab a lifeline when you need it. A buddy, the facebook page, at a healthy retreat. And, remember, life happens; we live fully as best we can. And, just by the facts of Nature, toxins will be created. Consider another cleanse in the Fall.

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